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Oxford Convent School has library systems, with over 10000 books, for children to learn from.


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Oxford Convent School

Dr. Priti Singh, Principal

M.Phil, P.hd., M.Ed. ( English )

"Our main aim is that we want the children of today to become full fledged intellectuals of tomorrow who have wide range of knowledge, deep understanding & above all a vision which could see beyond the horizon. Such a personality develops. Only when one has learnt not only from books but also through their own practice. This school aims at providing the necessary structure, discipline, academic atmosphere, bonafide teachers having required caliber and promotion of cultural & National integration by fostering a feeling of oneness, spirit of learner, patriotism, secular out - look & pride in cultural heritage. The present-day world being all ready very competitive we will take all necessary steps to develop and inculcate competitive instinct by organizing different kinds of competitive activities. We are also conscious that only a sound body has a sound mind, and for the same, we lay equal emphasis on physical educational programs by promoting sports, game, drills, yoga and other recreational activities."


Oxford Convent School

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